Friday, March 19, 2010

Глава седьмая (Chapter Seven)

"Oh shit. I'm dead. I...I'm dead. I died. I'm dead. WHAT WILL I TELL MY MOTHER?!?" Kat snatched up the phone and began punching in her mother's phone number. Alex snatched it back out of her hands and slammed it down, shoving his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Well, you won't call her that's for sure!" Kat's eyes widened and her jaw dropped in shock. "Excuse me, Mr. Let's-Not-Say-Anything-And-Just-Act-Normal, you were the one that just HAD to lie about it!" Alex turned from his position in front of the window and pointed a finger to his chest. "Well, I was just doing it to save your pretty little ass now wasn't I? We'll think of something. Just give me a minute." Kat flopped down on the couch. "There's only one thing to do, Alex. We have to go through with it. It's bad enough that I've lied to my mother, but it'll break her heart if I don't get married now that I've said I was going to. We can stay married for a few months, tell my parents that it's not working out, and then split." Alex plopped down next to her and sighed. "I feel like I'm in the middle of a really bad American romance movie."

Kat laughed and leaned her head back against the couch cushion. She felt Alex twine his fingers through hers and smiled. It was moments like these that made their fights worthwhile. The little sweet moments she'd come to look forward to. "Wait a minute. A really bad American romance movie?" Alex looked at her and nodded. "Yeah, like on that man-hating channel. Life something or other. Either the woman kills the husband, boyfriend, pool boy, or boy toy, or they get married and pretend to be in love. Personally, I don't think we'll have to pretend to be in love, and you're much to sweet to even contemplate killing me." Kat stared at Alex incredulously. "You watch Lifetime?"

"Yes, Mom. I promise. No, you can't talk to Alex. Why? He's busy that's why. I'm cooking dinner. Of course, I promise I'm feeding him well. Yes, I'm serious. No, that's not sarcasm. Love you, too. Bye." Kat sat the phone down on the counter and wiped a hand across her forehead. She heard Alex chuckle and whirled around. "Don't laugh at me, mister. I could've made you talk to her. You're just lucky you only heard my end of the conversation." Alex grabbed the hand Kat was waving around, and plucked the butter knife from her fingers. "You're liable to hurt yourself or somebody else doing that. I love you. I don't know why but this seemed like the perfect time to say it." Kat smiled and raised up on her tip toes to press a kiss to his lips. " I love you, too. I didn't mean to take you out with the butter knife." She turned back to the stove and began stirring the spaghetti sauce.
Alex wrapped his arms around her waist and planted kisses on her neck. "Alex, we'll never eat if you don't stop." He reached and arm around her and slid the sauce pan off of the stove. "Somehow, I think we'll survive."

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