Saturday, February 27, 2010

Глава шестая (Chapter Six)

The next morning at 9:00 Alex knocked on Kat's door. He hadn't been entirely sure about heading over so early, but he figured the sooner the better. She opened the door still in her pajamas. Her hair was piled on the top of her head in a messy bun and she had accumulated dark circles from her lack of sleep. She seemed surprised to see him and immediately stepped forward and enveloped him in a hug. All before smacking him in the back of the head. Alex pulled back and stared at her. "I really deserved that didn't I?" Kat crossed her arms over her chest and nodded, leaning up against the doorjamb to prevent him from entering the house. "I'm sorry, Katya. The thought of taking you to my home scared me. The honest truth is that I've never taken anyone home with me before. I was never serious about any of my other girlfriends." Katya straightened and motioned him inside. They settled into the couch and Katya began speaking. "When I said let's go to Russia, I meant just me and you. Not me, you, and your parents. We could spend our time in Moscow, and never come close to your parents and family if that's what you want." Alex nodded and stared down at his folded hands. "You're right. You're absolutely right. I really just overreacted about this whole thing. We'll go and just enjoy ourselves." Katya nodded and smiled. Alex smiled back and kissed her nose. "Are you coming to the game tonight? You can meet some of the guys afterwards. I can have someone bring you to the locker room." Kat nodded and snuggled back into his chest. "I'd love to meet some of your teammates. I've only met Alex, and you talk about Brooks and Mike all the time. It'd be great to finally meet them."

After Alex had sufficiently groveled, the couple had spent time hanging out and watching TV before Alex's pregame nap. They had headed to the arena together, and Kat had gotten situated in her behind-the-bench, bird's-eye-view seat. She hadn't even had to buy her own authentic Alex Semin jersey. She had picked one out of his bag. No one around her would even know that the very jersey that graced her small frame had stretched over the bulky shoulder pads of an upcoming Capitals star. The game was extremely lively that night. Several fights broke out and Alex took a ridiculous penalty, waving to her from inside the box. Unfortunately, the Capitals fell to the Flames in an overtime shootout; the final score 5 to 4. As the players filed off of the ice, Kat got up from her seat and headed down to the locker room. She spotted Alex as soon as she walked in. He seemed to have that affect on her. It seemed odd that after such a short period of time, she felt this close to him. Things were definitely looking up now.

Kat and Alex walked in the door just in time to hear the answering machine pick up. "Katya Anastasiya, it's your mother. I called to tell you that we, by we I mean the family, have decided to give you and Alex your wedding here at the house! Won't that be great? Call me back when you get this I'm dying to know what you think."

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    oh dear, they're really in for it now with the parents. have fun with that wedding...