Friday, February 5, 2010

Глава вторая (Chapter Two)

"Pause. Rewind. Play. You gave that blond adonis your phone number? Who are you and what have you done with the quiet, reserved, physics genius I used to know?" Kat looked up from her desk. The school day had gone by quickly enough and she was getting caught up on grading left over homework. "She's right here, where she's always been. There was just something about him. Dancing with him was great. Hell, talking with him was great. I don't know what got into me." Emma's eyes widened.
"You really like this guy? You just met him." Kat closed her gradebook. Standing up she threw everything into her bag and slung it over her shoulder. Emma stood and followed her out the door. "Yes, I like him. The short amount of time I had with him was great. He called me last night and asked me to dinner." The two followed the familiar hallway out to the teacher's parking lot, walking to their respective cars.
"So, you guys are having dinner tonight? As in, in a couple of hours?" Kat nodded and smiled. She unlocked her car and tossed her bag into the backseat. She had just closed the door back when her cell phone chirped. She pulled it out of her pocket and pushed the OK button. Are we still on for dinner tonight? Kat smiled and typed a quick reply, pushing her phone back down into her pocket. "Well, I need to go home and get ready. You should head over with me and help me pick out something to wear." Emma nodded and trotted over to her car. Waving to Kat, she got in and sped off, heading in the direction of Kat's little neighborhood.
Kat followed suit soon after, heading down the interstate. When she arrived at her house she pulled into the driveway pulling up beside Emma's car. Emma had a key to the house and had no doubt already let herself in. Kat walked through the front door, down the hallway, and upstairs to her room. She could hear Emma rummaging around in her closet already.
"Ok, first off. You need sexier clothes. All of this is school stuff. Like Catholic school stuff. It's all long and black, designed to cover everything up. Where's the purple shirt you wore to the bar?" Kat flopped down on her bed and listened to Emma rant about her clothing choices. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and checked her text messages. I can't wait until tonight. Kat giggled. Actually giggled. Emma's head shot out of the closet. "What the hell was that?" Kat smiled and waved her away.
Me either. You'll be here at 7? Clothes began flying out of the closet. "Ah Ha! You've got dresses squirrled away back here. Dresses with price tags still on them!" Emma jumped out of the closet, a pale yellow sundress and white wedge sandals. "Ok, this is it. A little dressy in case you go somewhere fancy but still casual enough if you go somewhere nice." Kat nodded and smiled going back to her phone conversation. Emma sighed and retreated back into the closet to find the necessary accessories.
Katya's cell phone ang and she scrambled to answer. "Hello?" She smiled when she heard his voice come over the line. "Hello right back. You're not busy right now are you? We might have a problem with our plans tonight." Kat frowned but didn't let it show in her voice. "Ok. What's going on?"
Alex cleared his throat before he began. "Well, I have a friend that invited himself to go with me tonight and I was hoping you could bring your friend from school. They'll hook up again and leave us in peace." Kat laughed and headed into the closet to grab Emma. "Yeah, I'll bring her. She can borrow something of mine to wear and we'll just meet you at the restaurant." The two said their goodbyes and agreed to meet at the new French restaurant downtown at 7:30. "Emma, pick out a dress." Emma looked at her in confusion. "Grab a dress? Why would I need one of your dresses?"
Kat rolled her eyes and grabbed a dress and a pair of shoes on her way back into her room. "You need a dress because you're going with us. Alex's friend invited himself along. The one you hooked up with the other night. So we're meeting them at that new French place at 7:30." Emma squealed and yanked the dress out of Kat's hands. She quickly stripped down and stepped into the dress. "I'll take the bathroom first since it takes me less time to get ready. I'll do my hair while you get dressed." She sprinted down the hall to the bathroom. Kat laughed and picked up her own dress to change into. She slipped into the dress and stepped into her sandals. Then she headed into the closet to find a sweater to wear.
It took Emma all of 15 mintues to do her hair and make-up. She sat Katya down on the edge of the bathroom and wielded the curling iron. She worked her way around Kat's hair adding soft curls to the already wavy hair. After she was done, Kat stood up and let Emma lightly apply some make-up. The two checked their appearance in the mirror before heading down stairs. They agreed on taking Kat's car and headed out. It took them a good 20 minutes to get the restaurant due to traffic and they arrived to find the men already seated.
Alex stood and pulled out Kat's seat. She recognized his friend as the tall, dark, and scratchy man from their night at the bar. Alex leaned down and kissed her forehead before she could sit. She smiled and grabbed his hand. Emma took the seat next her which put her right next to tall, dark, and delicious. Dinner seemed to pass uneventfully and the conversation was steady. At the end of the evening the group forwent dessert and decided to head home. Emma left with, who Kat had found out was the other Alex, and Kat invited Alex back to her house for coffee.
Kat took it slow on the way back to her house so Alex could easily follow her. She pulled into her garage and Alex parked in the driveway. She came through the house to let him in the front door. She hadn't turned any lights on but the porch light and when she opened the front door, Alex seemed to be standing in the spotlight. He reached for her and wrapped his arms around her waist, planting his lips on hers. She looped her arms around his neck and moaned into the kiss.
He backed her up into the hallway and kicked the door shut with his foot. They fumbled around in the dark until Kat untangled herself and flipped the hall light on. She grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him into the living room. Kat latched onto his blond hair and yanked his mouth back to hers. Just then the door bell rang.

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  1. Ugh stupid door bell! lol

    And go figure the 'other' Alex would just invite himself along lol.
    Also, I'm not sure what it is... but your Alex has this really cute like... modest, innocence about him that I find really refreshing.
    Even though he's a rich, famous, hockey player, he's still genuine and sweet... =)

    I'm really anxious now to see who was at the door!